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Green Efforts for Lent - The Faith Foundation for being Stewards of the Earth and for Fasting during Lent from the Green Team The spiritual teachings and foundational texts of all major religions call on their members to care for the Earth and to love … Continue reading
Oak Tree Removal - Trees get old, as we all do.  The alternative to choosing to cut them down is they may fall down, die, ruin something or continue to litter branches and make a mess.  January 14, 2020  the old oak on the … Continue reading
Black History Celebration - Honoring our O&A commitment and in keeping with the initiative creating Black History Week and Black History month, join us for presentations and discussions led by Dr. Ronald Field February 25th and 27th. In order to provide an appropriate preface to the presentations and discussions the PBS film, “Slavery by Another Name” will be shown on Sunday evening, February 23rd. Continue reading
Annual Meeting - Find a PDF of the written 2019 Annual report HERE: Continue reading
Pastoral Search Team - We have finished the Local Church Profile (LCP) and have submitted a single page listing for posting on the UCC Ministerial Opportunities website. With this posting will be a link to an amazing 8 minute long clip put together by Matt of pictures of our church, congregation and the gamut of activities in which we are involved. We will show it in the Sanctuary prior to the prelude during the next 3 Sundays. Continue reading
Green Team at First Congregational Church - The long awaited coffee cup/juice glass rack is here.  The rack will replace the kiosk in the Bess Fulton Room and also provide storage for people to store their drinking vessels for reuse.  The Green Team organized and encourages this project to cut down on the use of plastic and styrofoam at Coffee Hour.  Join us January 12 and share your story of your favorite mug.  This will be a fun way to learn more about your church family AND help the environment at the same time. Continue reading
Commons, Before and After - It's been nearly 2 1/2 years since the church first purchased the next door bank property. Look at the progress we've made in that time. (Special thanks to Ramona Kime for the progress pictures.) Continue reading