Tuesday Bible Study – Why the Kids Walked Away

It is said that the Eastern Orthodox Church changes doctrine every 500 years, while the radical West changes its mind about Jesus every 125, then starts killing any who don’t go along.  Each change is a chapter title in our history books.  Every 500 years beliefs change, usually because new material has been deemed “true”.

Every thousand years, everything changes, even the Eastern Orthodox Church, because there’s too much new material and thought not to change.


That’s where we are today.

On Tuesday’s, lately, we have followed the path of thought from James, Paul and Clement I, to St. Augustine and lesser known, Pelagius: the first 500 years of Western Wisdom of and after Jesus.  The latter two describe what Christian beliefs were in the Latin West at the moment thinking gave way to surviving.

By the collapse of the Roman West, the Teachings of Jesus in centers of power had faded into what Jesus was and by whose definition.  Outside of Alexandria, Carthage and Milan, however, worship continued by many narratives from Constantinople to the British Isles.  When we come back to the subject in the fall, Egyptian, Irish and German Monks will be resurrecting both
Jesus’ and Plato’s teachings.  Others will beatify Augustine.

The Early Medieval Church, however, is no place to spend the summer; so Tuesday’s conversation will now shift to contemporary topics and, God willing, humor. I am going to twist a favorite topic: Who Sounds Like Jesus Now? In order to explain when and why my
generation and those after left the Church, we’ll hear from those prophets who cried out when holy haters and politicians started killing Jesus again.



Aug 01 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Annex Large Meeting Room (A/LMR)
106 S Bostwick St, Charlotte MI 48813


Curt Scott