Using Zoom conferencing software, you can participate with other church members in remote meetings and virtual prayer services. You can join from a computer, a smart phone, or even using a regular phone.

For all church services and meetings, we will be using the following Zoom meeting details.

For security, Zoom now requires a password for meetings. Please check your weekly email or contact the church office to get the password. We will use the same password for all meetings and virtual services.


Zoom by Computer

To join the Zoom meeting using video and sound from your computer or smart phone, click the following link:

You will be prompted to install the Zoom software, and you may be asked to allow it to access the microphone and/or camera.

Zoom by Smart Phone

To dial in directly from your mobile device (voice-only), tap the following link:


Zoom by Regular Phone

To call in from a regular phone, dial the following number and then enter the meeting ID when prompted.

Phone Number: (312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 517-543-1310