Spotlight on Boards

Diaconate Board

Have you ever wondered, when you go to Sunday service, who is responsible for arranging for the Liturgist, Acolytes, and Usher/Greeters?  That task is the responsibility of the ‘Deacons of the Month’ who are members of the Diaconate Board.  These are the people who also unlock the sanctuary doors, make sure steps and ramp are cleared, replace altar candles, straighten the sanctuary following worship and, in essence, make the sanctuary an inviting place for worship and spiritual growth and renewal.
The Diaconate Board is comprised of 18 individuals (9 men and 9 women), six are elected at each annual meeting.   Diaconate Board meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month, immediately following worship.  The current Chairperson is Pam Rinckey.
The Diaconate Board assists the Pastors with both the weekly services and any special services throughout the year.   The Diaconate Board is responsible for preparing and serving Communion on designated Sundays.   We have procedures in place to train new acolytes and provide appreciation certificates and celebrations for the young people who help us throughout the year.  The Board also helps host special events during both the Lenten and Advent seasons.

Outreach Board

“Promoting the Love of God and Neighbor” – this phrase, in a nutshell, describes the Outreach Board. We consist of ten members, three elected at each annual meeting.  Outreach meets on the third Sunday of the month, immediately following worship. We work on making decisions regarding requests for funding and coordinating local and worldwide outreach events.  The current Chair is Jamie Curtis.
Locally, we support the needs of our community with many projects such as: the baby dresser program, adopting a family at Christmas, collection of brown & white gifts during the holiday season, the mitten tree, chili caroling event, and Frontier Days yard sale.

We schedule and support working mission trips out of state and here in our community.  We work with annual events that support our worldwide missions such as: Blanket Sunday, Crop Walk, and One Great Hour of Sharing.

Christian Education Board (CE)

CE consists of twelve active members of the Church, four elected from the congregation at each annual meeting.  The CE is responsible for providing for the Christian educational needs of our children, youth and adults, and our goal is biblical literacy for each stage of spiritual growth.    The Board is responsible for the recruitment and training of teachers as well as purchasing supplies and curricula from the C. E. budget.  The current Chair is Dale Dodds.

The C. E. Board currently meets on the first Sunday each month, immediately following worship.  Sunday School classes are currently using the “Gather Round” lessons for pre-k through Middle School.  The Senior High class uses “Seasons of the Spirit”, lessons based on the scripture used in worship each Sunday.  CE also coordinates special events throughout the year, such as Rally Sunday, Advent & Lent events, Vacation Bible School or team up with other churches for combined events.  Our Middle School and High School Youth Groups are also run in coordination with other local churches.  CE sponsors Family Camp retreats and assorted other Christian education opportunities.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of six active members of the Church, two elected each year at the annual meeting, plus the Treasurer also elected each year at the annual meeting.  Trustees receive and disburse all funds required for the corporate life of the Church; have the power to employ, discharge and set the compensation of Church employees; prepare an annual Church budget and submit it for approval at the Annual Meeting; and Trustees oversee property management.

In managing the money of the church, Trustees oversee both Unrestricted Funds (offerings, pledges given to the Church’s general fund which have to cover all monthly operating expenses such as utilities, staff, supplies, Board & Committee budgets, insurance, etc.) and Restricted Use Funds (pledges and gifts designated for a specific use such as Capitol Campaign, OCWM, Endowment Fund, etc.).

The Board of Trustees is responsible for all Church property, including maintaining, acquiring and selling all property.   Trustees also determine the funding related to church property, such as insulation in the basement west wall and the attic, new plumbing & electrical fixtures in bathrooms, the organ restoration project as well as recruiting and overseeing church members/groups that “adopt” projects (new basement windows, the Bride’s Room & nursery improvements).  Planning for the next projects include:  rebuilding the handicap ramp, stained glass window preservation, entry doors (latch & seals) and windows for Sunday School rooms and Chapel/Lounge.