This annual fundraiser helps our youth show off their skills & talents, and perform a unique service to the community. The proceeds from the Spaghetti Dinner fund our “Cleaning Buckets” project for Housing Services of Mid-Michigan. The youth assemble buckets, brooms, brushes and various types of cleaners to wash everything that needs cleaning in a home.  When a caseworker places a family from a homeless shelter in a home, they can give them a bucket filled with cleaning supplies to keep their home clean & healthy. This also helps encourage local landlords to be willing to rent to SIREN and other shelters, knowing that the families will have the means to maintain it, even if Bridge cards and other welfare budgets do not fund the purchase of such necessities.


Spaghetti Dinner 2016

Thanks to everyone who helped sponsor our youth, and to those who helped with the cooking and serving.


Cleaning Buckets 2015

Below is a picture of the cleaning supplies purchased after the 2015 Spaghetti Dinner.

Donations from Spaghetti Dinner 2015

Cleaning Buckets 2015