Racial Justice

Racial Justice is the systemic fair treatment of all people that results in equal opportunities and outcome for everyone.



Martin Luther King Jr’s
Letter from a Birmingham Jail
Public Statement by Eight Alabama Clergymen

Led by Ron Field

Like all good teachers, Ron would love it if ALL read the letter as part of preparing for Worship on Sunday, January 17.  He would especially like those who choose to engage with him in either of the following discussions to read both documents:

Tuesday, January 19; 9:00 AM, the Annex
(RSVP’s required as group size is limited to fewer than 10)
To RSVP, contact the church office via phone 517 543 1310 or Email fcuc@sbcglobal.net


Via Zoom
Wednesday, January 20; 7:00 PM, Via Zoom

Copies of both documents are available at the Church Office.
.pdf versions can be sent by the pastor, contact him at PastorBruce@uccCharlotte.org