Women’s Fellowship


Prayer Shawl Outing December 2014

Women’s Fellowship of First Congregational Church, UCC, Charlotte MI has been an ongoing women’s support committee since before 1950.  The purpose has been to enlist the women of the church in a fellowship of worship, study and stewardship and to unite all women of the church in seeking to cultivate the Spirit of Christ beginning with their own lives and reaching out into the home, the community, the nation and the world.

While initial founding of this committee was designed to augment the boards and committees of FCC that were made up mostly of men, current culture encouraged women to fully participate in the Church’s polity and in 1981 the Women’s Fellowship established a Steering Committee that replaced all previous specific committees that included Flower, Parsonage, Membership, Housekeeping and Library. The Bazaar project (1936) and the 4H Fair food booth (1949 – 1979) were annual special projects plus dinners in the dinning room made it possible for the Fellowship to maintain the parsonage until 1979 as well as provide generous support  to numerous benevolent organizations.  In 1980 the first Progressive Dinner was organized, and that, plus the Harvest Feast (1984) and Bazaar, continue in 2014 as a strong influence on the growth, benevolence and maintenance of our church.

The Steering Committee still meets to continue supporting the needs of women.

Initially seven circles met on a regular basis, but by 2014, only one women’s circle remains: Blanche Moyer Circle.  Providing fellowship and education, this group meets the second Monday of seven months: March, April, May, June, September, October, December.  We usually meeting in the Lounge at 6:30pm for dinner, but occasionally the location changes.  All women are encouraged to visit and join. Check the church calendar for specific details of location and program.