CARE Community

One of the important things about being part of a caring church family is the support we each need, cherish and enjoy.

At each meeting we go through the friendship slips from the previous months and note new people and, if the address is available, send them a note to tell them we appreciate their attendance. Notes are also sent to people who have been absent from Sunday service for awhile and to people who might be cheered by just a friendly note.

Our members also visit people we know are either in the hospital, in some kind of facility and those who are unable to leave their homes as much as they’d like.

We have recently been coordinating help with meals and transportation for some of our church members as the need arises.

We are continually trying to improve the methods of communication between the congregation and our committee so that together with Pastor Phil, our church family will feel loved and cared for.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 10am in the Annex Library, and would love to see new faces there. Come join us.