Happiness and Healing Advocates

Happiness And Healing Advocates (HAHA)

Mission Statement: Happiness and Healing Advocates (HAHA!) are creating a community interested in empowering ourselves. As we learn to practice reverence in mind, body and spirit, we will create a shift in our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world. Using our plan for transformation, we will establish a quick and easy daily practice of activities for happiness and healing.

Weekly Transformation Plan for Health and Happiness:

Using the energy of Love + Union + Harmony + Intention + Imagination + Concentration + Focus = TRANSFORMATION into the people we want to be!


Weekly Agenda

  1. Ceremony of Entry – with music. Releasing the outside world symbolically by holding a heart stone or an symbol you choose to bring, while breathing and using intention to leave stresses and concerns at the door before entering.  Place symbol in basket upon entry. This allows us to come in open and ready to experience happiness and healing.
  2. Breathe – 3 deep cleansing breathes with audible sighs
  3. Reading – “Imagine”. The purpose is to share a sense of community that is open and ready to be present and share in circle with each other. We want to be ready to be our best selves.
  4. Auricular Acupuncture – with music, guided imagery, and meditation. This is ear acupuncture using a 5 point protocol. The purpose is to encourage relaxation and enhance the healing process by opening and clearing energy paths. *If you don’t want to use this method you can meditate and follow guided imagery.
  5. Power Up! – A healing activity using breath, movement and other methods to move toward Happiness.
  6. Talk Time – Transformation Plan for Happiness-We will talk about the process that transforms us into happy, vibrant, and loving people ready to face the world in a new way! We are creating irreversible decisions for:
    • Love – Love heals all
    • Union – Connection with Inner Self
    • Harmony – Being aligned with personal power, universal power, and any spiritual powers you may choose to work with.
    • Intention – Having determination to reach your goal.  Making a decision to…
    • Imagination – Using your imagination to create a happy and healthy life
    • Concentration – You will pull your energy together.
    • Focus – You will direct your energy and power.
  7. Closing – Reading “Community” by Star Hawk-will further remind us that we are a community of love and healing. That we sit in circle as equals sharing in a journey toward a happier life.


Nine week cycle

Week 1 – Introduction

Becoming a Happiness and Healing Advocate!

Learning about the plan and setting your intention for the next 8 weeks. Activity: Negative Affect Erasing Method-you will learn this method to calm anxiety and help facilitate changes in behaviors, emotions and thought processes.

Week 2 – Love-Healing Activity

Emotional Freedom Tapping.

You will learn another tapping method used to calm anxiety and help facilitate changes in behaviors, emotions and thought processes.

Week 3 – Union-Healing Activity

Healer Within

You will begin by learning the energy ball to show you how to feel the energy you will be moving while practicing this method. Then the focus will be on movements that help you feel the energy, the healer within, move though your body.

Week 4 – Harmony-Healing Activity

TRE = Trauma Release Exercise

You will learn a few exercises that will encourage your body to release tension and trauma. This will further increase your ability to treat your body reverently and recognize the felt sense of relaxation.

Week 5 – Intention-Healing Activity

Yoga and Energy Medicine

You will be doing gentle, easy yoga movements that can be done in your kitchen using your counter and a chair for support. You will be incorporating some energy balancing techniques with the yoga.

Week 6 – Imagination-Healing Activity

Restoration of Lost Power

Using the gift of your imagination, you will find the power you have lost. Power is simply the ability to use and change energy in the most beneficial way. Using statements with “I am” is one of the ways to step into that power and enhance your life by creating as you speak.

Week 7 – Concentration-Healing Activity

The Healer Within

Incorporating the additional techniques of self massage, meditation, and breathing, you will learn to release your body’s own medicine.

Week 8 – Focus-Healing Activity

Reclaiming Your Wholeness

With guided imagery, you will discover that maybe you have lost pieces of yourself during times of stress and/or trauma. You have the ability to reconnect with all the wonderful, beautiful, magnificent parts of yourself that may have left.

Week 9 – Transformation

Ceremony of Integration

A ceremony celebrating your new path.