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Lesbian Connections

Description from Amazon's site: John Shore's writing on the matter is widely credited with being central to the sea change that has occurred in recent years in the Christian understanding of homosexuality. Besides his own highly entertaining pieces on that topic, UNFAIR offers heart-wrenching and inspiring personal letters from gay people telling what it's like to grow up, and live, both gay and Christian. The book's opening essay, "Taking God at His Word: The Bible and Homosexuality," is a must-read for anyone seeking clarity on the relationship between the Bible, Christianity, and LGBT people. If you read only one book on this subject, make it this one.
Description from Amazon's site: From the New York Times bestselling author of An Altar in the World, Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark provides a way to find spirituality in those times when we don’t have all the answers.
Description from Amazon's site: In an Altar in the World, she shares how she learned to encounter God far beyond the walls of the church...Through Taylor's expert guidance and delicate, thought-provoking prose, we learn to live with purpose, pay attention, slow down, and revere the world we live in.
Description from Amazon's site: In this volume, Wilson identifies a lost tribe of gays, lesbians, trans, and queer people who have struggled over millennia to maintain their ties to God despite a hostile Church. The Church she envisions has room for us all.
Description from Amazon's site: ter Kuile, a Harvard Divinity School fellow and cohost of the popular Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast, explores how we can nourish our souls by transforming common, everyday practices—yoga, reading, walking the dog—into sacred rituals that can heal our crisis of social isolation and struggle to find purpose—a message we need more than ever for our spiritual and emotional well-being in the age of COVID-19.