Trees get old, as we all do.  The alternative to choosing to cut them down is they may fall down, die, ruin something or continue to litter branches and make a mess.  January 14, 2020  the old oak on the east side of the church came down.

Thank you to Justin Brummett, Big Kid Tree Worx, LLC, our Building & Grounds Team and our endowment money for the removal of the tree.  Members and friends were encouraged to glean the branches for firewood.  And many did, the cleanup was amazing and quick.  Contacts were made with Maple Valley woodworking department to mill and kiln the large trunk for wood products.  We will see how they do and what will be produced from the beautiful lumber.


Thank you to Judi Cates who stayed on site gathering pictures of the process.  What I personally dwell on is that the hollow in the middle of the trunk is documented, but not an indicator of tree death, only aging.

Fear is something we all experience in this life.  Sometimes we allow it to rule our decisions.   But my spiritual guide, Marianne Williamson, teaches that the opposite of fear is love.

This, then, is an example to me of where my knowledge of horticulture wars with my life experience, where the unknown guides our decisions.  When did fear win?  When did fear convince me to stop petitioning for the life of this tree?  When did our fear of the unknown risk of branches overhanging the sanctuary roof outweigh our faith in tree growth and life.  When did money in our pockets make this fear a reality for death of a tree?

We will hope for  future use of beautiful wood.  We will hope for open skies to make our sanctuary brighter.  We will hope for knowledge to lead us on in this life that we will not sacrifice other things God has given us to fear.  Blessings on this tree that sheltered us so closely for so may years, Blessings to us all after decisions are made and life continues!

—- Amy Krizek