By now we have all received the letter from Pastor Phil announcing his call to a new church in Mt. Sinai, NYWe have been blessed with Pastor Phil for almost 15 years and sad as it is to say goodbye I know God has something in our future plans that we will wait with great excitement and know the journey to be exciting.

Change is constant in our lives and learning what we must do to work though the journey ahead will be both frustrating , maybe extended length of time and ultimately exciting in our selection of a new Pastor.  It is a time of growth in our Church experience and a time of learning; prayer;  fellowship; support of others and TRUST that there is a Pastor who is also searching for us here at First Congregational Charlotte.

The Church Moderator, Curt Scott along with the Chair of the Diaconate, Matt Slot and Board of Trustees chair, Judi Cates have been meeting and are well into the planning for developing the “Team” approach to finding a new Pastor.

  • The Interim Pastor Selection Committee met in June and progress begins in the selection of an Interim Pastor to serve during the process of selecting the New or “Settled” Pastor as current by-laws have outlined.
  • We, as a congregation, will identify Interim preaching and “Pastoring” needs for our church. You will be getting a good deal of information in the next few month on how we will be collecting this information.
  • Once the Interim Pastor is on board and ready to help, we will select a Committee of 7-9 congregants for the Search Committee that will lead the Congregation in finding a new Pastor.


Saying Goodbye is always hard!

  1. A formal service of Farewell was held on Sunday, July 15th with a Luncheon after the worship service.  Amy Frost,  vice-moderator, spearheaded this scrumptious celebratory luncheon, with Whistle Pig BBQ as the main course.
  2. Remember that the Pastor and his Family are also leaving a home that has held many memories for them personally. Take time to tell them your personal story with them, share you personal goodbye.
  3. Say Goodbye with love and understanding. Be The Church. Love one another and support Pastor Phil, Mary and Mira on their new journey.

Pray for the Hobson’s; Pray for a new beginning in our Church.


         Judi Cates, Chair Board of Trustees