Senior Choir

music-bookOur choir consists of dedicated volunteer vocalists who rehearse at 9:30 am Sunday mornings and again 10 minutes following worship on Sunday. They are led and accompanied by our Director of Music, Ramona Kime, on a recently digitized Moller pipe organ.


The original organ was built in the 1880s.  It was a 2-manual tracker organ with 1473 pipes.  In 1945, the Moller Company of Hagerstown, MD built our current 3-manual organ, keeping many of the existing pipes and adding more, for a total of approximately 1,800 pipes.  When the third manual was added the tracker action was replaced by an electric action and the console was also moved to its present location.  In 1984, the organ was restored and the oboe stop was added, bringing the organ to 26 ranks.  In 2011, the organ was converted to solid-state digital contacts, and MIDI capabilities were added.  More couplers and pistons were also added, along with the transposer feature and the addition of several 32′ digital stops in the pedal and the pipes were voiced.  The final result is an organ that is functional, beautiful to look at, and that adds greatly to the music of the church.