This year, our Sunday School are starting a new program that combines animated videos, classroom projects, and at-home activities. We encourage teachers and parents to create an account on the Spark House Online website so that they can access additional content and discussion (our church ID is FirstCongUCC).

Holy Moly

Kindergarten through 2nd GradeHoly Molyb

With a combination of animated videos, creative activities, and age-appropriate Bibles, Holy Moly brings the Bible to life. Every Holy Moly lesson follows a four-part sequence: Discover, Relate, Connect, and Create. Each week, kids watch an animated Bible story video, talk about the story, read their Bible Storybook or Bible, and try a creative leaflet activity.

For a sample of this program, visit Holy Moly and click “Lesson Videos”.


3rd Grade through 6th Grade

ConnectConnect takes kids on a journey through the Old Testament and into the New Testament, exploring the connections between several stories each week. Every lesson follows a three-part sequence: See, Explore, and Make. Each week, kids focus on and reinforce a theme by watching a witty video, exploring biblical text, and creating projects that range from games to art and more.

For a sample of this program, visit Connect and click “Lesson Videos”.