The Faith Foundation for being Stewards of the Earth

and for Fasting during Lent
from the Green Team

The spiritual teachings and foundational texts of all major religions call on their members to care for the Earth and to love our neighbors.  We cannot love our neighbors without also protecting the air, land and water we share—these moral duties go hand in hand.  This call to action is especially urgent because the environmental distresses we face are serious, and because they disproportionately impact the most vulnerable among us.  This is not a political issue; it is a moral issue. 

Fasting during Lent is one way that we commit to a spiritual practice and sharpen our intentions.  It is a persistent reminder to commit and recommit to inner transformation.  For the following five Sundays of Lent, we will be suggesting ways to commit to reducing the use of plastic in our lives.  These suggestions will be taken from the Lenten Plastic Fast calendars created by Michigan’s Interfaith Power & Light and the Anglican Communion (Episcopal) Environmental Network.  


Download this Calendar

In the meantime, start collecting plastic caps and lids and putting them in the bins in the BFR.  This will help the Earth and also help our local high school students!