You can attend and participate in activities and ministries without becoming a member.

However, becoming a member is a public acknowledgment that this is your household of faith, the community that you covenant to love, uphold, serve, and shape and by whom you are willing to be shaped, challenged, and sent forth to serve. Membership is required for serving on one of the Boards of First Congregational Church.  If you are interested in uniting with our church, please speak with one of our pastors. The pastors also would enjoy meeting you for coffee, a meal, or just an hour to become better acquainted.

You can be received into church membership through:

Profession of Faith and Baptism
If you are not now a baptized Christian, our pastors will be honored to discuss the meaning of baptism with you in your home or at the church.

Transfer from Another Congregation
At your request, our pastor will write to your former church for a transfer of membership. This is a courtesy to your former congregation so it may remove you from its membership rolls.

Re-Affirmation of Faith
Some people find themselves re-entering church life after a lengthy absence; and while they were once baptized, there is no longer a former church from which to transfer. In the reception of new members, we make no distinctions between those joining by transfer or re-affirmation. All are reaffirming their baptism and making a covenant that clarifies their relationship to this congregation.

Steps towards membership

Contact our pastor or check the appropriate box on the friendship pad as it is passed along the pew during worship.

Attend a “New Member Gathering” so that we can get to know you better and so that you may ask any questions that you have about First Congregational Church and its ministries.

We give thanks for every community of faith that has been your spiritual home, and we celebrate your presence in this household of faith.

-UCC Book of Worship