Bible Study: “Meet Historical Jesus”

Topic for November 15 – December 20

If one were to believe the noise of our time, there is a version of Jesus for every religion, individual church, political party, media mogul and thus, every American; giving spiritual cover to the compassionate, cruel and farcical.  The Bible itself has at least 5 versions of Jesus, from which Christians seem comfortable with two: baby and god.

Add to all that, the version of Jesus from urns full of comparative writing from his time and people, dug out of the dirt since 1795 or so.  Jesus is more knowable now than any time in history, even Jesus’.  Starting almost immediately after his death, millions have killed and died for mythical Jesus, some as recently as last weekend.

It seems a good time to know what is known about Actual Jesus.

Once there was a child, and his name was Yeshua, probably.  He had opinions and stances on his world and was killed by the state for expressing them.  He spoke to women like they had a brain – a first.  Come meet him.  After that, we’ll talk about what became of his apparent intentions; and what we should think and do about the noise of our time.


Nov 15 2022


Set up begins at 6pm, class at 6:30pm
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Annex Large Meeting Room (A/LMR)
106 S Bostwick St, Charlotte MI 48813


Curt Scott