Curtis DeMars-Johnson

Starting September 2018, we are excited to have Rev. Curtis DeMars-Johnson as the Interim Pastor for First Congregational Church.

Rev. Curtiss DeMars-Johnson has been both a public school teacher and clergyperson. He has served churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Michigan. He has enjoyed the calling of both the settled pastor and interim pastor.

He’s been very involved in justice, peace, and ecology issues for decades. His loves and passions in ministry are very diverse: church and faith revitalization, personal spiritual growth, joyful and spiritually alive worship, the use of art connecting beauty and inspiration, small group process encouraging discovery and discernment, and pastoral care.

For personal renewal he loves encouraging humor, curiosity, and playfulness, talking with very diverse people of all ages, photography, wilderness exploration, mountain hiking and climbing, playing with their two Australian Shepherds, reading, and writing.

And finally, he’s the internationally published author of Igniting Your Genius: The Startling Fusion of Creativity, Curiosity, Intellect, Passion, and Awe.