Christian Education


Christian Education is the lifelong process of growing in our faith.  At First Congregational Church, we offer opportunities for this growth from nursery play in a loving and safe environment to Adult Bible Studies that tackle a broad range of topics.

Children of all ages are welcome in worship, which is where we learn the songs, stories and practices of our faith.  In addition, our Sunday School programs have classes for our children during the worship hour after a “children’s message” time with them in the service.

Sunday School

Where our growing faith is nurtured through stories, crafts, projects and lessons taught by members of our congregation.

Confirmation Classes

When children reach the age of 14, they are invited to take part in Confirmation classes.  Learning about the life of the church, our faith, their own gifts and graces, at the end of the class, our youth are able to either be baptized if they have not already, or to affirm their baptismal vows for themselves if they were baptized as a child or infant.  Contact our church office if you would like more information on this learning opportunity.

Adult Bible Study

On Sunday mornings we offer a Bible study for adults at 8:15.  This works its way through various books of the Bible with lively discussion and prayer.  Tuesday at 6:30 we have a “faith studies” class that tackles topics in the life of faith, history of the church, or contemporary issues.  Both of these classes have open attendance are welcome and can join in at any time.

Christian Education Board Mission Statement

To facilitate and support an inviting Christ centered atmosphere where biblically sound educational opportunities are offered to both church members and community, at home and in the classroom. Meeting the needs of children, youth and adults alike in providing fellowship, discipleship, encouragement and challenge for the pursuit of understanding, faith, and spiritual growth. And in all of this, our mission is to be guided by the Holy Spirit.