Upcoming events: Saturday, Dec. 8–Choir performs with Community Band at CPAC. No admission charge. Dec. 9–White bags (personal care items) go out to be returned Dec.16. Dec. 18–Living with Grief group meets at 10:00 am in the Annex Library. Dec. 19–Community Dinner at the Eagles Dec. 23–The morning service will include the Family program. Think back to how sweet last year’s program was and be sure to be there and bring children.
There is still time to turn in your pledge card if you have not done so already. Please check the sign up sheets in the BFR for coffee hour hosts, and liturgists. Continue reading

We have been handed a gift. Calming the frightened, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked – that’s us paying attention. This family is an oasis of unconditional love blinking against a thickening fog of hate and intolerance. Instead of thinking that we need to find ourselves to find more people like ourselves, perhaps we only need to ask others for help being ourselves. Continue reading