A feel-good film based on a true story in England. Funny and warm, with characters you care about, this film says something about societal attitudes towards those who are different. It has a great story, lots of humor, and excellent acting. Continue reading

2/4/19 Happy Valentines Day Everyone, Here is all the info that you could possibly want… Upcoming events: Feb 16 Men’s Group after 8am in the Annex Library Feb 16 Prayer Shawl Knitters after 9am in the Lounge Feb. 19 Living … Continue reading

We have been handed a gift. Calming the frightened, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked – that’s us paying attention. This family is an oasis of unconditional love blinking against a thickening fog of hate and intolerance. Instead of thinking that we need to find ourselves to find more people like ourselves, perhaps we only need to ask others for help being ourselves. Continue reading