As part of the Birthday Club Fundraiser idea, where members with birthdays in individual months come up with a fundraiser to benefit the general fund and offset any shortfalls in the budget, Rinckeys (both born in June) would like to repeat the successful DESSERT AUCTION held by the CARE Community two years ago.

On Friday, October 11th at 6:30pm, in the Bess Fulton Room you are invited to join us for a light supper provided by the June Birthday Group and then our friend, Chris Stanton, auctioneer, will auction each of the donated desserts and specialty sweets to the highest bidder.

We need many cooks and bakers of our church to donate your favorite dessert.  Two sign up sheets will be available in the Bess Fulton Room.  One for those planning to attend and another for those willing to donate yummy desserts.

If you have a birthday in June and would like to be part of the planning, please contact Bill or Pam OR the church office.