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God’s Grace is Sufficient 2 Corinthians 12:2-10 Grace and Peace to you this morning.  Grace and Peace. This morning I want to share three things with you: something I learned these past three weeks; something I learned reflecting upon our fourteen and a half years together; and something we both need to hear. What Paul […]

We Know Not How Mark 4:26-34 Grace and Peace to you this morning.  Grace and Peace. We know about the mustard seed.  One of the great parables for how little faith may seem in the vast size and complexity of the world.  One tiny seed, yet it can become a great shade and home for […]

Grace and Peace to you this morning, Grace and Peace. The crowds gathered around Jesus so much so they couldn’t even move around much or eat or anything else. And his family shows up because people are saying he has lost his “blank-ity, blank mind”. He’s out of his mind and his family shows up.  […]

Some Things the Spirit Can Do Luke 1:39-57 Grace and Peace to you this morning.  Grace and Peace. We know how life is supposed to be.  Good people have good stuff happen to them.  Bad people have bad stuff happen to them.  So if bad stuff happens to people, we wonder and speculate, “what did […]

The Connection John 3:1-17 Grace and Peace to you this morning.  Grace and Peace. This past week I spoke to two of Lothar Konietzko’s classes at Everett High School.  He has had rabbis,  mams, and priests come in, and I was privileged to join the list.  The students were assigned to write  own questions they […]

The Good Shepherd Grace and Peace to you this morning.  Grace and Peace. When she returned from her trip to Israel, Chris Reist spoke to the women’s prayer circle about the manger scene.  Most of us, when we think of a manger scene, we have the figures of Jesus, Joseph, Mary, shepherds, wise men, donkeys, […]

We do not know why God told Moses to raise up a bronze serpent on a pole, or how when people who had been bitten by a poisonous snake and they looked at this bronze snake, they were healed.

The book of Numbers does not explain it. The Gospel according to John, who uses this image, does not explain it. John just assumes people know the story that he is talking about.

We can speculate. We can infer. We can get creative. But we don’t know.

Philip and Nathanael are a study in contrasts. Jesus goes up to Philip and says, “Follow me.” And Philip follows him. Philip finds Nathanael and says, “I’ve found him! The one we have all been looking for. The one we have all been waiting for. The one who was promised. Jesus of Nazareth!”

And Nathanael says, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?!?”

What would it take for someone to come up to us and say “Follow me,” and we follow them? I cannot speak for you, but I confess I have a lot of that Nathanael mindset. “Really? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

We know about other valleys of shadows: valleys of the shadow of death: a diagnosis, brokenness in a relationship, loss of job, loss of hope.  Or maybe it is the shadow that death that comes as memory, as grief, that everything we see is shadowed by the loss we have known.

The traveler to Jerusalem knows about fear.  But instead of turning back, instead of arming themselves against their fear, they look up. They look up. They lift their eyes and they look up.