“A Place at the Table”

One nation underfed. Really?

Many of us don’t think of the U.S. as the land of the underfed.

In this era of the expanding waistlines, we hear far more concern about obesity than we do about hunger. But the two are more closely connected that many of us realize.

A new documentary, A Place at the Table, peels back the curtain on the problem of food insecurity, weaving together the stories of low-income Americans who struggle to put healthy food on the table, despite the fact that they have jobs.—-review by A. Aubrey

Originally scheduled for Sunday, April 5th at noon – lunch and movie in the Church Annex — WATCH for reschedule date and time

5 Million Americans—1 in 4 children—don’t know where their next meal is coming from. “A Place at the Table”, starring Jeff Bridges and Tom Colicchio, tells the powerful stories of three such Americans who maintain their dignity even as they struggle just to eat. In a riveting journey that will change forever how you think about the hungry, this award-winning film shows how the issue could be solved forever, once the American public decides—as they have in the past—that ending hunger is in the best interests of us all.

Amanda Thompson, from Helping Hands Food Pantry, will talk with us after the movie about food insecurity in the country and in our own community. We’re asking people to please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to Helping Hands.