Friends, comrades, with our days steeped in fear of the future it may be difficult to imagine what great opportunity has befallen humble us. There we were, broken and wondering when the politics of the world coiled then struck even more terror in the hearts, minds and wallets of the poor and oppressed. Our calling, as Christians, just got louder because peace on Earth just got harder.

As we ponder how to adapt to this new-old reality, let us not forget that our charge has ever and always been simple: treat all of God’s children as if they were Jesus himself. We know the past is only the past. And we know the future is ours to mold and create. Ponder then how will we respond to the crisis of this moment? How does who we are fit into the world as it is? And what does it mean, in 2017, to induce those with power to make life for everyone more just, as it is in Heaven?

We have been handed a gift. Calming the frightened, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked – that’s us paying attention. This family is an oasis of unconditional love blinking against a thickening fog of hate and intolerance. Instead of thinking that we need to find ourselves to find more people like ourselves, perhaps we only need to ask others for help being ourselves.

We have been handed a gift this Christmas: a community full of frightened, hungry people looking for acceptance and God’s unconditional love, and maybe a set of mittens and some food. No one gets to pick the time they must endure. The tasks are the same regardless. As the Body of Christ we must gratefully accept this gift of impending lamentation with the Grace that comes when living and dying in service to God, Truth and Justice.

Be the light and the balm.

Curt Scott