One of our supported beneficiary organizations, Helping Hands, has outgrown it’s food pantry location in downtown Charlotte.  In December, Outreach Board voted to donate $1000 toward their plans to build a larger, more people-friendly facility so that they might sustain their level of services to the community.

Helping Hands has already made arrangements to purchase a one acre parcel of land, have received zoning approval and site plan approval from the City of Charlotte Planning Commission.  They are focused on raising the funds necessary to construct a 5000 square foot building designed specifically for helping our community and hope to be in by next summer.

Outreach Board would like to offer a challenge to the rest of our congregation to make donations to what we consider a very worthy cause. For each $10 donated we will add a piece to a custom designed puzzle that is on a card table near the giving tree.  Donations may be made in the Sunday offering. Please mark your donation HELPING HANDS CHALLENGE, or look for specially marked envelopes.

The puzzle will be accumulating pieces each piece representing $10 donations toward the $1000 match that Outreach pledged. Everyone is welcome to come work on the puzzle!