Happiness and Healing Advocates (HAHA)

We are the people that have been using the Large Conference room every Monday night from 5:30 until we get out around 8:15. We thank you for the use of the space. We would like to share some of the things we offer and invite all of you who might benefit from our group to please come join us. We are a circle of folks that come together and share ways of having happier and healthier lives. We share many techniques that introduce you to your “healer within.” These energy techniques keep us in balance and experiencing ease of being in mind, body and spirit. We use kitchen yoga, qi gong, “tapping energy meridians” that immediately lesson anxiety. We offer guided imagery as we learn to use the healing power of our imagination. And every week you may receive ear acupuncture if you would like.

Many of us have hectic, stressful lives that have resulted in our self-soothing behaviors turning into compulsive behaviors. Too much food, too many drugs, legal and illegal, too much gambling, too much time on computers, phones, games, the list is endless. Or maybe you just need to love yourself more, be kinder to yourself. If so please come join our circle on Monday nights from 6pm to 8pm in the large conference room in the annex.

If you have questions please call Brenda Bly at 517.543.2026 or Joy at 517.410.9646, or find us on Facebook.