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Being the church means being in covenant, and seeing people how God sees them. The God who makes us free from Pharaoh and Egypt, free from Caesar and Rome, free from just being cogs in the marketplace. It means that the inherent worth, dignity, values, love for, hope for, and place in the people for whom Jesus lived, died and rose again, of each and every person is the same. Continue reading

History is painful, so why revisit it? Whenever we hear someone say that we are past racism, it is a way of covering over our history as a nation, denying that systems and institutions have disadvantage large segments of society. What is desired is a pleasant fiction that the playing field is now level, and even, and we all start from here and move forward. Such an ahistorical view denies reality. Continue reading

You have been through the valley of the shadow of death. I know some of your stories. Some of you have walked through the valley of the dry bones of broken relationships, or loss of employment, or loss of health, or the death of a loved one, where your heart lies there on the dry and dusty valley floor, and you have cried to God, “Lord, can anything in this valley of dry bones live?”

And maybe some are still walking there today… Continue reading

Forgive us God, as we forgive those around us. Forgive us where we have failed, messed up, gotten it wrong, or hurt ourselves or someone else, as we forgive those who we feel have failed us, have messed up our stuff, have gotten it wrong and hurt us or those we love.

That little word “as” can get us in all sorts of trouble. Continue reading