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I want to give you a word that will make it all better. I want to preach for you the sermon that will bring new life to this church, bring new hope and new possibilities. But I find myself too much like Ezekiel.

God asks, “Hey preacher, can these dry bones live?”

And I have to answer, “Lord, I have no clue. But you know.” Continue reading

Do not store up treasures on earth, where moth, or rust, or thief, or
fire can steal them. Where your heart in, there your treasure will be

I believe this has a lot to do with what we mean when we say Enjoy
This Life. It has to do with what we treasure, with whom we treasure.
And it has to do with what we worry about. Continue reading

I believe that love is a verb – an action word. Therefore our actions need to reveal our love for one another. And that means for everyone. No one can be excluded. We are to love ALL our neighbors, including but not limited to our friends, family, perfect strangers, aliens and refugees, those different from us, the seemingly unlovable and, yes, even our adversaries. And all it takes are simple acts of kindness, giving freely of ourselves, especially for the “least of these”. Continue reading