Hopes and dreams will soon be in the air!  The Church as Educator group invites you to help create colorful flags reminiscent of Tibetan prayer flags that we will be using to decorate our church grounds for a short while.  … Continue reading

As of July 15th, Rev. Phil Hobson has been released as settled pastor for our church, and we are currently searching for an interim minister from the UCC to help guide us through this transition period.  Be assured that this … Continue reading

We have been exploring ways to provide church fellowship as well as increase income sources for our church budget. Each month, those born that month sign up and become a “committee” that develops and promotes a fun event. Continue reading

Change is constant in our lives and learning what we must do to work though the journey ahead will be both frustrating and ultimately exciting. We have begun the process with the Interim Pastor Search Committee established and having met in June. Get your email address added to the weekly news updates by contacting our office at fcuc@sbcglobal.net Continue reading

We have been handed a gift. Calming the frightened, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked – that’s us paying attention. This family is an oasis of unconditional love blinking against a thickening fog of hate and intolerance. Instead of thinking that we need to find ourselves to find more people like ourselves, perhaps we only need to ask others for help being ourselves. Continue reading