Mission Blue, an Emmy award winning documentary, highlights legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist and National Geographic Explorer Sylvia Earle on her global quest to protect our ocean. View the film’s stunning photography on the big screen and join us in a brief discussion following the film about the impact that the environment’s health has on us. Quinn Underwood, director of Charlotte Area Recycling Authority, will be leading the discussion. Continue reading

We received a $1000 grant from the Charlotte Generosity Fund. This money will be used for the next phase of the Commons project-a children’s garden which will be called Express Yourself. Continue reading

We have currently located an interim minister from the UCC to help guide us through our transition period. Rev. Curtis DeMar-Johnson preached for the first time in our sanctuary September 16. He has been both a public school teacher and clergy person and is an internationally published author. He has served churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Michigan. He has enjoyed the calling of both the settled pastor and interim pastor. Office times are Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Continue reading

We have been exploring ways to provide church fellowship as well as increase income sources for our church budget. Each month, those born that month sign up and become a “committee” that develops and promotes a fun event. Continue reading

We have been handed a gift. Calming the frightened, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked – that’s us paying attention. This family is an oasis of unconditional love blinking against a thickening fog of hate and intolerance. Instead of thinking that we need to find ourselves to find more people like ourselves, perhaps we only need to ask others for help being ourselves. Continue reading